Learning Love

It’s amazing really, to know that we live in a world where we are okay with hurting each other so much that we don’t even realize none of us are making it out of here alive so why hurt others. If that’s what people think is right, they have it all wrong. We were placed on this earth for one reason and that’s was to master how it feels to love unconditionally. Think about it…we came from someone who loves us unconditionally and one day when the time is right that is where we will once again return. But with life we also have to set out on a mission to master what it’s like to experience personal love. We have to learn what it’s like to love the broken. Love the crazy. Love the sad. Love the messy. Love the universe. Nothing in life will come elegantly so we must learn to stumble and know that it’s okay. If you stumble then do it with grace. Know that if you mess up it demonstrates that you are human. Trust that it will happen more often than not. You didn’t get placed on earth to be perfect because you already were. Every flaw about you is what makes you fabulous. If you’re still thinking love happens at first sight, stop living in a fairytale. Love doesn’t require anything it just hopes that you show up when called upon. You will know when it’s time and until then live, laugh, fly, smile, cry, hurt, heal, work, play, fall, and get back up again. When our time comes, die as yourself.