Life Sucks…Simple as That

It sucks getting older…let’s be real. It sucks having to figure out what career path you’re supposed to take. It sucks having to ‘adult’ and figure out finances, who you’re going to marry, when you’re going to have kids, where you will live, what car you should get or if you should keep the one you have…LIFE SUCKS. One day you are cuddled up in your mother’s womb and the next you are pushed out into a world of cruel and unusual chaos. No one give you a book for directions on “How to Live Life the Right Way”. You are simply placed on this weird planet to figure things out. Majority of the time, it is solely up to you to learn how to live…occasionally you get some assistance but it is not always the best kind. Sometimes you fall in and out of love with “the one“. Sometimes you choose a path that leads you to a dead-end. Sometimes things do not plan out the way you originally thought they would. But I am here to tell you that… it is okay. Yes, life sucks but there is beauty in all things tragic. I used to think that I was not going to figure things out but I have. Now do not get me wrong, I definitely don’t have is all together but it is trial and error. I have made my fair share of mistakes but I learn from them. I have found love in many people, places, and things. I have lived a great life so far. I do not have it all figured out but there is no fun in living a predictable life. I will travel the world, I will meet the love of my life and start a family, I will have my dream job, I will own my favorite vehicle and probably have to give it up because kids play a factor, I will do everything I can do before I die. Yes…life is going to suck some days…but I promise you, there will be more good than bad. There is no book. There is just you and me and this cruel and unusual but beautiful chaotic world…so go live it to the fullest! Don’t take it for granted.

J. Phae 


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